Dismaland is Rocking the Hometown of WormWood Rocks!

Oh it is fun to be beside the seaside, or it will be for the next 6 weeks with Bristol’s infamous Street Artist Banksy in town.  The very excited and happy team at WormWood Rocks, will be there inside and out everyday! So if you see us, come over and say hello.  We will of course keep you posted on our blog, facebook and twitter.

A quick update on the fun so far!  We took the very short walk to Dismaland on friday at 4am to see the crowds and get the buzz from the start.  We were surprised to see only 5-6 good folk from weston that had decided to ‘camp out’ early, but by 5am our number had grown and by 7am the queues were far down the promenade.  After a few radio and TV interviews to while away the time and a coffee drop it was getting close to 9am, the time for our wristbands. Although we still had to wait until 11am to enter the biggest show of the year!

The crowds were buzzing and the atmosphere was fun, at 11am the doors were opened and we were one of the first to step into Dismaland…

From the moment you step inside the experience starts with security, a brief frisk and we were in.  There was so much to see and so many things to look at instantly, that we just stood there for 5 mins in awe and wonder. Where else would you see, a burnt out/flooded Police van, a dilapidated Castle, a Storm Trooper who looks like he’s quite frankly fucked off with the force (the team at Dismaland deserve a big mention, coached or otherwise, they pulled off the part brilliantly) and a Killer Whale jumping out of a Toilet into a children’s paddling pool?


There is so much to show and tell and we will do so over the next few weeks, but to end this blog I would like to mention my own personal favourite memory about Opening day at Dismaland…

We walked slowly into the Castle and was greeted by blackness, as we stepped cautiously around the corner we could make out continuous flashes of light, closer and we could see these flashes were coming from the camera’s of several animated figures, all frantically snapping away at something.  As we moved further in past the figures (paparazzi), we could make out through the strobe effect of the camera’s an upside down Disney Pumpkin Carriage with a princess hanging out of it, dead.  A very disturbing piece and yet impossible to take your eyes away from it.


But that wasn’t the highlight, the highlight came when a guy behind us, went to take a photo and before he could snap a member of Dismaland’s staff immediately stepped in and through the symphony of camera clicks and flashes simply said to him “No Pictures please Sir”… Priceless.

Speak soon good people.

Incredible designs from WormWoodRocks

Incredible designs from WormWoodRocks

Attack Of The Drones by CS Stanley

Iconic imagery from CS Stanley depicting the truths of living in an empire that is ready for war.

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Rigs of War by CS Stanley

RIGS OF WAR was designed as an embodiment of America’s war for oil. Capturing the iconic flag-raising of Iwo Jima but based on modern battlefronts with Americas new and less heroic vision..

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The Misery Machine by Freebee2

Just another scooby dooby doodle from the man himself.

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Khal Tee - Game of Thrones Inspired T Shirt

Game of Thrones Season 3 about to start, so we thought we would put together some wicked new designs. This ‘Khal’ Tee was designed by Lexar, we love the use of Chain Mail in this design.

Available from wormwoodrocks.com & FB Store : facebook.com/wormwoodrocks

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Give Tees a Chance

John & Yoko showing the love

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